Custom Sewing


Sew Loka creates custom sewing projects and brings your ideas to life! From home decor, fabric upcycling to custom men and women’s pieces our modern sewing studio is up for the challenge! Claudia will make your sewing dreams come true!

Custom leather bag created for my sister

Custom leather bag created for my sister

Custom Sewing Project Requirements:

  1. Send detailed description of custom sewing project to - OR - call Claudia at 818.493.8368

  2. Send any and all inspiration photos you have for the custom sewing project to - OR - text photos to 818.493.8368

  3. The minimum cost for all custom work is: $150.00

  4. We require a 50% deposit to be paid before the commencement of any project

Custom bandana halte top @sewloka @vavavooom_ @cositasbonitas2017

Custom bandana halte top @sewloka @vavavooom_ @cositasbonitas2017

Some of Sew Loka’s custom sewing specialties include:

Custom Home Decor

Looking to spruce up your home and make a space that is all your style? Can't find that perfect home accent you have in mind?

Past Projects

  • Bench and chair cushions

  • Outdoor lounge cushions

  • Custom dog beds

  • Custom home drapes and curtains

  • Custom upholstery projects

  • Custom furniture covers

  • Custom dog toys

Restyling & Recreating services

Have a piece that you LOVE, but need to update the style? Or did you have a piece that you have to have again? We got you covered. Sew Loka offers services to that span the restyling and recreating spectrum. 

Custom Recreating Services

Breaking up is hard to do and parting with a piece you LOVED does not have to be the end. Sew Loka can recreate your beloved closet essentials and bring back old memories stitch by stitch. 

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Custom Clothing Restyling

Update your favorite closet pieces and make them into new modern fashion statements.

Custom Resizing for Clothes

Truth is a good tailor and a resizing project does more for your figure than the gym! We can shrink them down, and cinch them in all the right places. This isn't just an alteration service. This is true magic.

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 10.47.10 PM.png

Custom Bags

We know your frustrations of not finding the accessory you're looking for at any store you pick through. You have ideas and a need for the perfect bag to match your style, but no one seems to make it.

Custom bag made from recycled couch leather @sewloka

Custom bag made from recycled couch leather @sewloka

Past Projects

  • Custom duffle bags

  • Clutches

  • Purses

  • Pouches

  • Yoga mat carriers

  • Tote bags

Other Custom Sewing Projects

  • Custom bibs for babies & toddlers

  • Custom made clothing for men and women

  • Costumes

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