My Sewing Students

Mom made a tote bag and daughter made shorts!!

What to expect:

on your first lesson

can you imagine making a tote bag in 90 min? well you don't have to you can actually do it . in our sewing 101 class you will create a well crafted tote bag that is reversible . simple, useful and fashionable! 

Learn basic sewing skills

  • Basic seams
  • Measuring fabric
  • Proper fabric cutting

Learn sewing machine basics

You’ll learn the ins and outs of a sewing machine. How to thread your needle. Using the right foot for your project. Choosing the right tension. What is a bobbin?

Learn about useful sewing tools

pins how they help you envision your projects. What is a fabric pen? does chalk help? measuring tape or a yard stick? can my machine sew denim? variations of needles.

Finish a project every lesson

No one leaves a Sew Loka sewing class with an unfinished project. Claudia gives you the confidence to tackle further projects by showing you through to the end.

Sewing Lessons

We make our sewing lessons sew friendly for any age. During this 90 minute one-on-one session you’ll get all the insight you need to become a budding sew addict.

Give your child the gift of sewing

Give your child the gift of sewing

We Also Offer:

Intro to Zippers - the next step up from the basic sewing class. Now that you have mastered the tote bag & have a skill foundation learn how to make 2 zippered pouches in 90 minutes.

Important stuff to know before your class

Sewing supplies are included 

pro tip: if you would like a more personalized tote you may purchase your own fabric. 

we recommend:

half yard of fabric 

half yard of contrast fabric ( this will make the bag reversible)

Bringing your own sewing machine (if you have one) is highly encouraged, but is NOT required

Cost of class is $80

Our minimum age limit is 7


Sew Loka Sewing Students

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Have Skills?

We offer lessons for folks that have basic sewing skills down, but need some guidance in completing a project.


You said you were serious about sewing. Bring your own sewing machine to each lesson. 

- Sewing Basics
Advanced students must know the ins and outs of their sewing machine. Know how to thread your machine before coming in.

- Must bring pattern & fabric
Come prepared with the pattern & fabric that suits your project vision best. We cannot provide materials on custom projects.


Important stuff to know before your class

depending on the complexity of your project, you may not be able to complete it in 90 minutes. Plan on spreading your project out to 3 sessions or more.